With five locations across three different states, Ceiling & Wall Supply is large enough to handle any construction project, yet small enough to provide personal service on every project. Unlike our competitors, we are not everything to everyone.

With a narrow product focus, Ceiling & Wall Supply is able to deliver standard-setting Armstrong drop ceiling tile (i.e. suspended ceiling tile) to the market with better service than other one-size-fits-all competitors. We maintain a much larger inventory than others to provide the necessary products to complete your ceiling job on time and under budget. Our extensive fleet of delivery trucks means the product will be on site when requested. As a distributor only, we do not install material and unlike others we are not functioning as a competitor to those contractors bidding ceiling project work.

We’re proud to partner with Armstrong World Industries

Consistently named one of the top-performing distributors in the country for Armstrong World Industries, Ceiling & Wall Supply is proud to have been an Armstrong ceiling tile supplier for over 53 years.

This dedication to the ceiling business has allowed us to remain the sole distributor for Armstrong in the St. Louis area since 1982. While other manufacturers and distributors come and go in the market, Armstrong and Ceiling & Wall Supply’s partnership has been something the construction community could count on for consistency and stability in every drop ceiling tile project we complete.